Employers & Industry Partners

Competency-based hiring

Traditional methods of hiring may not meet the needs of many employers. Micro-Credentials allow learners to document skillsets that are in-demand - helping to more quickly identify applicants that meet hiring requirements.

Our commitment to a new way of learning

The FIU Office of Micro-Credentials is on the leading edge of the Micro-Credential movement. FIU has a full catalog of Micro-Credentials that learners are enrolling in.

We're dedicated to making Micro-Credentials enhance your hiring practices. A partnership with FIU can give you a leading role in the creation of FIU Micro-Credentials in your industry. These can be short-term single Micro-Credentials or a series of Micro-Credentials to build skills over time.

Reach out to our staff today

Learn more about this exciting opportunity. If you are an employer and/or an industry partner and are interested in learning more about Micro-Credentialing at FIU, please contact our team.

Partnering with FIU

FIU is committed to working with employers and industry partners to develop meaningful Micro-Credentials for both FIU learners and our local community. We invite you to review the options below  and reach out to us to learn more about our process and how to develop a partnership:

Discuss your needs and potential skills gaps

Micro-Credentials signal that a learner is able to demonstrate a specific competency or set of competencies. Whether you are looking for ways to better identify qualified applicants or are seeking innovative ways to provide up-skilling for your company, the Micro-Credentialing team is here to help.

Serve as an evaluator for relevant Micro-Credentials

You can contribute your expertise and industry knowledge through serving as an evaluator. Your feedback to learners will provide them with additional perspective as to why the skill set they are developing is critical for success.

Learn how to interpret and identify the value of Micro-Credentials

FIU understands that recognition of Micro-Credentials increases their value. By learning how to interpret a Micro-Credential, you can better identify applicants that fit your needs and assess the professional development achievements of current employees.

Micro-Credentials are a great opportunity to develop the skills you need to advance in your career and to demonstrate competency in areas that may have been outside your field of study. This is helping our students, alumni and community become more marketable in an increasingly competitive job market.

Bridgette Cram Assistant Vice President, Academic & Student Affairs