Micro-Credentials are designed to prepare all learners with critical skills for the 21st century. More and more, employers are looking to hire workers for their skills, not just their diplomas.

Micro-Credentials are bite-sized educational experiences that build, validate and enhance your professional skills. Whether you are a current FIU student, a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or searching for a new career — earning Micro-Credentials can signal that you are able to demonstrate in-demand skills.

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Search the catalog for Micro-Credentials being offered. If you are a current FIU student, you may be able to earn Micro-Credentials by taking existing courses. Once you find the Micro-Credential that best aligns with your goals, reach out to the Micro-Credential contact for enrollment information and next steps.


Micro-Credential Catalog

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What are Micro-Credentials?

A Micro-Credential is a digital representation of a competency that a learner can demonstrate. By earning a Micro-Credential, you are able to identify skills to strengthen your competitiveness as a current student and for your post-graduation success. Micro-Credentials are available online, in-person, or hybrid formats, and are taught by members of the FIU faculty and staff team.

Enhance your resume with badges

Upon completion of your Micro-Credential, you'll earn a digital badge. These serve as a representation of your learning. They are digital proof of knowledge and skills earned. Badges can help you put together your resume or fill out your LinkedIn or digital portfolio.

How can they help my career?

Earning Micro-Credentials from FIU can help you:

  • Kick off a career change by earning Micro-Credentials in a new field.
  • Customize your education by creating your own Micro-Credential curriculum.
  • Fill a skills gap for competencies you haven't gained through work.
  • Demonstrate your dedication to continuing education with digital badges.
  • Identify skills to strengthen your competitiveness as a current student and for your post-graduation success.
  • Develop a narrative around your professional development journey.
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    Micro-Credential issued

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    Different fields

  • Hiring Micro-Credential earners?

    Micro-Credentials are an exciting, new way for professionals to build practical skills and enter higher education. Whether you're considering an applicant with a digital badge on their resume or looking to develop a program tailored to your industry, the Office of Micro-Credentials is eager to answer your questions.

    Employers & Industry Partners

  • Creating a new Micro-Credential

    If you are a faculty or staff member interested in designing a micro-credential, please complete the following Intake Form to discuss the proposal process. The Office of Micro-Credentials is housed within the Division of Academic & Student Affairs. Visit their website:

    Office of Micro-credentials