The FIU Micro-Credential initiative, housed within the Division of Academic & Student Affairs, is designed to offer learners the opportunity to effectively build a narrative around their competencies to help them succeed in the 21st century world of work. FIU recognizes that access to a meaningful career and continued professional success is one important outcome of an education. The ability to learn, up-skill, and re-skill in critical competencies can bring learners one step closer to this.

For current students, Micro-Credentialing demonstrates a connection between the classroom and co-curricular activities. By earning a Micro-Credential, learners can identify skills to strengthen their competitiveness as a current student and for their post-graduation success.

For recent alumni and members of our community, they can find a micro-credential through programming designed to meet their specific needs related to re-skilling or up-skilling for continued professional success.

Micro-Credentials are digital representations of learning, designed so that learners can share the skills they’ve gained. Micro-Credentials, while not a replacement for certificates, minors, or degree programs, are a supplemental designation to provide evidence that you are working towards mastering critical 21st century competencies.